1. The Simple Life
  2. Dangerous Games
  3. Wine O’Clock
  4. Shake a Leg
  5. Whenever We Part
  6. My Life is Only Mine
  7. Rock Stays
  8. Time as Our Judge
  9. Baby Go Home
  10. I Know You Are


Come on and find me where the ocean meets the sky
Share some moments, it’s the springtime of my life

Come and ignite me I’ve been waiting all my life
We’ll take some chancesbe my light on moonless nights
moonless nights

Let days and weeks and months go by We’ll be fine
There’s been a lot of troubled times and empty nights

Never look back let‘s look for a secret spot where we can hide
Forget our troubles for good this time to enjoy a simple life.

We’ll make this look so, so easy ain’t that easy How to enjoy a simple life We’ll make this look so, so easy ain’t that easy Such a simple life

Come on let’s drink a toast to those
we left behind
There’s nothing I won’t give to you this time, it’s meant to be

Make up for every chance we blew up in the cold nights of the starry sky
Let’s go and sit by the fireside and
live a simple life

(Still Morris)


We don’t have too many seas left to sail We don’t have too many skies left to fly We don’t have too many roads left to drive We don’t have a piece of land left to plant I don’t know what the stars hold for us But now listen well

There are some dangerous games we shouldn’t play
There are some dangerous games we shouldn’t play

We don’t have too much skin left without tattooing
We don’t have too many drinks left to toast

We don’t have too many temples left to burn. Now listen well

But some things I’m beginning to understand
You’ve always scored the cards to win the game

Not everything is allowed, that’s what I mean
Now, it’s up to you

(Still Morris)


No more working from dawn to dusk I put the assembly line behind
An idle mind is the devil’s workshop Same goes for these idle hands

I’d give it all for a night of bliss A superb and glorious night
I will bypass the middlemen And head where happiness lies

I’m done with sitting on the fence Won’t settle for a consolation prize Cos if fortune doesn’t come my way I’ll pursue it low and high

Bring a bottle of something strong Bring your best smile, raise your glass Let’s drink a toast to what lies ahead A toast to those we left behind

I need some compensation,
I need some compensation
I need to let off steam,
for what is missing in my life

I know wine o’clock has just arrived it had to be sooner or later
Let’s drink a toast to what lies ahead A toast to those we left behind

For everything that’s missing in my life.

(Still Morris)


I can walk on spikes
I can walk through bonfires I can fly inside the ocean but I have to do it with you

Tell me when
Tell me why
Let’s get a tunnel in time
I’ll never be your movie hero but I keep my fancy dress.

You are looking for an invisible man but the road will take you to me
Why don’t you accept the dream is me? And give yourself a

new chance?

Shake a leg, shake a leg and come with me.
Now, don’t dodge the puddles Time to get dirty shoes
With time in your hands and feeling free
Throw caution to the wind

And if you think, about all this you’ll understand a lot of things I won’t stop and cross my arms Because I’m a warrior man, warrior man.

Now you know you’re on thin ice It all comes down to this
But let your kite fly high in the sky cos we can do anything

(Still Morris)


Hey, I’m calling to tell you a few words baby I need some time on my own
I can be right and I can be wrong
Cut the ropes that tie me to your world Time to hit the ground and bite the dust I can be right or I can be wrong

Whenever we part
I feel I’m drifting closing my doors Whenever we part
The air stops filling my lungs

But I’ll find a place where I can settle down
I will lie untill there’s no one, no one around

I can be right and I can be wrong

Whenever we part
I feel I’m drifting closing my doors Whenever we part
The air stops filling my lungs When the time comes I’ll hand you my crown
And I’ll keep my eyes on the floor as I bow down
I can be right and I can be wrong

(Still Morris)


Yesterday I didn’t bundle up walking through the snow
And today I feel good
so leave me alone

I will heat the soup

Tomorrow I’ll make the same mistakes because it’s me
Over and over hearing how
I should do things

Heyyy ah ah…
That my life is only mine Heyyy ah ah…
It’s only mine

Like the devil I’ve enjoyed all my life
I know hell will open the doors for me but it’s not the time

I’ve drowned my sorrows in a bottle, every cold night
I’ve gotten drunk on the street corners there’s nothing more to say

Heyyy ah ah…
That my life is only mine Heyyy ah ah…
It’s only mine

Don’t tell me anymore how I have to love You have nothing to offer me
Knock knock knockin’ on
heaven’s door

Leave me alone

Every word thrown to the wind, not worth a shit
I want to be wrong by myself
I will pay my bills

(Still Morris)


What a shame when I listen to you And you can’t tell anymore
than broken words

My heart is a train leaving home
And your entrails are just endlessly void

These days I’m down but never
on my knees
The more you refuse the more it stings

You’ll never know
what is good and what’s wrong In our glass cage
you rules let us down

Yesterday I was older than today But now I’m free from you Cause you never let things go I’ll never lose my faith

I’ll never change my tune Cause it stays
Rock stays
in front of you

Now you’re away
But it’s only miles from feeling apart Missing what’s gone
but waiting to reach for something

Brothers and sisters
let me introduce
This new rock’n rollin’ days No way it changes

(Still Morris & D. Magaña)


Let me be the first to tell you I’m not in the least impressed Cos things happen for a reason when your life is such a mess

People said you had it coming and you got what you deserved

What’s fair is fair
there’s nothing more to say

Let me feel
Let me dream
Let me live
and time will be our judge

Let me please rewind the tape back to 1993
To the days of wine and roses when the world was at your feet But I guess nobody told me

that revenge could be so sweet And I’m done with this
I’ve had my share of tears

(Still Morris)


Time has been stopped and
the wind is blowing again There’s not a soul on this silent, dark and moonless night

The gloomy streets are sleeping calmly under your feet
It never crossed my mind
you would dare go this far

You keep walking alone and lost
because everyone’s gone
You think about the dangers as this is not a place for you
Maybe it’s about time to go back
and stop fooling yourself
Pick up your things,
you’ve tried everything
but it didn’t go well.

Just think about what life
will bring you in the next years Just think of what’s in store for us Just think and never look back Baby go home

Keep dreaming and maybe life
will open roads for you in a few years But now there’s nothing
to do here anymore, so get back
Don’t waste time, you have a bone to pick with you
That’s why when you’re in your shelter, maybe, you’ll be on your own

(Still Morris)


Easy as sinning good as summer rain falling on my head
It’s the love that you bring

When everything around me is crumbling you’re always there for me.
With everything to share

I know you are there

When the lights go out
And the roads seem to be endless You will guide me through
the darkness all around
And when the wind blows cold, on a lonely winter evening always comfort me
Let your heart be my home

Hey, we’ll defy this stormy weather in some calm and distant shore Hey,we’ll be in this together
and go back where we belong When the lights go out

and when the wind blows cold, let your heart be my home always comfort me.

(Still Morris)